[Solved] How do you clean a roof?  



How do you clean a roof?


Scraping the moss off your roof is not a long term solution as roots and spores will continue to live within the tiles. These roots will re-germinate and grow within a matter of months. Scrubbing the roof by hand will do a better job but it's still not possible to get to most of the spores living within the tiles.

Pressure washers provide the best initial clean but it is vital to understand the tiles being treated and the correct water pressure required to avoid damage. Our knowledge and experience with all types of roof means we can avoid damage. In any case it is part of our standard service to replace cracked, broken or missing tiles free of charge.

Once we clean a roof we use our own formula of antifungal agent to treat the roof tiles and kill off any spores. Depending on the environment, our agent should continue to kill off growths for 2-3 years (at which point we would recommend re-treatment). 

You can read more about our roof cleaning process here or contact us for free, no obligations advice.


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