The Cost of Having a Clean Roof  



We noticed this article the other day and sought to comme:

Unfortunately we didn't get a reply (the article is actually a couple of years old) but here is our take:


I’d certainly concur with the last comment. You should never try and carry work out on your own roof. Falling from height is the most common cause of death in the construction industry and they are trained professionals. I’d also question any ‘one-man roofing company’, It is hard to see how they could operate on site safely.


There are two main reasons to get a roof cleaned; ascetic appearance and to avoid damage to roofing tiles (this is in the UK, in hotter climates there are other considerations). Both reasons apply to different circumstances. Some period buildings actually look Ok with a degree of roof moss although some older roofing styles (stone roofs for example) look much better clean. Modern buildings will almost always benefit from a roof clean aesthetically.


Your article states that ‘only a really serious build-up of dirt, moss on roof tiles … is likely to cause you major problems’. In our years of experience this isn’t always true. Again, it is very dependant on the environment but also on the type of tiles used. Modern tiles are not always as reliable as old-fashioned slate or stone roof ones. Still, so long as a roof is treated against further growths you can rest assured that it will remain secure for at least two years and probably much longer.


The one thing in your article which I do not understand is your prising estimates. We are a professional roof cleaning company serving the peak district and the north and the cost of our service is significantly more than that quoted in your article. It is true that we provide a complete and professional service including minor roof repairs and waste disposal but still the low prices quoted suggest either an unskilled/inexperienced worker(s) or perhaps a company operating without insurance or on a cash in hand basis. In addition to residential roof cleaning, we work as sub-contractors to many construction companies who wouldn’t employ us if we didn’t provide a good service at a good price.


As your article suggests, the best idea is to get a quote from a number of sources and certainly don’t jump at a very cheap price. Mostly we can give an idea of price without visiting a property and other companies can no doubt do the dame. Checkout a company’s reviews across the internet, not just on their webpage.


Our company – Peak Roofclean - offers free no obligations advice and quotations. You can view some of our work at or get in touch by calling 01629 650150 8:30am-9:30pm, 7 days a week.


 Best Leave it to the Experts!

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