[Sticky] Why is Peak Roofclean's service more expensive than some other companies?  



Why is Peak Roofclean's service more expensive than some other companies?


Any quote from a reputable roof cleaning company should be comparable with our own.

If you have received a quote for significantly less, check that the service you are being offered is the same. A roof can be ‘cleaned’ quickly and easily using a pressure washer but growths will return almost immediately. Also, check that the company is reputable. Unfortunately, there are a number of people selling roof cleaning services without the proper expertise, training or insurance. Peak Roofclean’s operatives are experienced roofing contractors and have had proper training in roofing as well as general health and safety. We also use the latest in fall arrest systems as well as general PPE to ensure the safety of our operatives as well as the general public.

Our company is fully insured with public and employer’s liability so that you can have peace of mind that Peak Roofclean operatives working on your property are doing so in a safe manor.

If you have received a quote and would like a second opinion please get in touch. We are happy to offer free advice even if you ultimately decide to go with another company.


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