Roof Cleaning Derbyshire

It’s the next best thing to having a NEW ROOF!
But at a fraction of the cost.

Peak Roofclean are the only company who offer an inexpensive way of permanently keeping your roof free of moss, lichens and algae. Not only is it 100% effective but it is also excellent value for money. We also offer a driveway cleaning, re-sanding and sealing service.

Roof CLeaning Before Roof CLeaning After

How We Remove Moss from Your Roof

1) Preperation

First we lay tarpaulin sheets down on the ground and cover up anything which may get dirty during the cleaning process, we also disconnect any downpipes and place net bags over drains to allow water to flow, but to prevent anything unwanted entering your drains.

2) Cleaning

We then pressure clean your roof, adjusting the pressure depending on the type of tile we're cleaning to ensure we only remove the moss, lichen, algae and dirt from the tile without causing any damage to the surface of the tile. We then clean out all your gutters, downpipes and drains, clean your fascias and soffits and rinse down all your windows, walls, doors and frames. All the mess is then bagged up and taken away by us and everything is rinsed off down below. Once all the moss, lichen, algae and dirt has been cleaned off your roof, we can then clearly see what repairs need to be done.

3) Repairs

We then do any necessary re-pointing of your ridge tiles and replace any cracked, broken or missing tiles.

4) Treatment

Once all the necessary repairs have been done, we then treat your roof with an organic anti-fungal agent which kills any remaining roots and spores in the tiles.

5) The Final Process

We finish the process by cleaning all your windows, frames and doors, to leave the exterior of your house in pristine condition.

“Excellent in every respect. A messy job but they left everything spotless, even cleaned my windows! It's good to have a tradesman that takes pride in his work. Would recommend to anyone.”

- Mr K, Sheffield

Don’t Hesitate, if you are interested, or have any questions call Matt today on 01629 650150 or 07830 615236. Alternatively, email matt@peakroofclean.co.uk