Roof Cleaning South Yorkshire

It’s the next best thing to having a NEW ROOF!
But at a fraction of the cost.

Peak Roofclean are the only company who offer an inexpensive way of permanently keeping your roof free of moss, lichens and algae. Not only is it 100% effective but it is also excellent value for money. We also offer a driveway cleaning, re-sanding and sealing service.

Roof CLeaning South Yorkshire Roof CLeaning South Yorkshire

About Peak Roofclean and Our Roof Cleaning Commitment

A Message from Matt

"I have been cleaning and renovating roofs for nearly 15 years now, before that I was installing new roofs and doing roof repairs.

I have 2 roofing companies (the other specialising in the building of fibreglass flat roofs) and there's nothing that we are not experience in when it comes to roofs.

Through the years we've seen many roof cleaning companies come and go. A lot of them try to sell waterproofing solutions and paints with the promise of stopping the moss returning. This is quite simply not true. Algae, moss and lichen will always return. We have the permanent answer to keep all these growths away. I can't reveal our secrets online but trust our excellent feedback across the net and particularly on the Derbyshire Trusted Trader website will give you the confidence we know our stuff."

Roof Cleaning Cost

Then there's the low end pricers who generally have no experience in roofing at all and just want to earn a quick few hundred pounds by pressure washing your roof. These people are best avoided, as in most cases when people have employed such "companies” they will subsequently have to call us to sort out the problems caused by an incompetent "roof cleaner". There's also people who'll claim they used to work for Peak Roofclean and say they'll do the job to the same standard as us. The staff I employ have been with me for years so anyone claiming they used to work for us is not being honest.

If you ever have any questions regarding roof cleaning, I am available from 8am-9.30pm. 7 days a week. If you've unfortunately used some inexperienced roof cleaning company and you're worried about your roof, I'll happily come and take a look free of charge. You can contact the company on 01629 650150 or me directly on 07830 615236. Alternatively email me at matt@peakroofclean.co.uk. We really do try to offer the best possible service as we trade on our reputation and most of our business comes from referrals.

How We Became a Derbyshire Trusted Trader

Peak Roofclean pride ourselves on our 100% positive feedback with the Derbyshire Trusted Trader scheme who are run by Trading Standards. A Derbyshire Trusted Trader must comply with a number of requirements including the following:

For full details please see the following document from the Trusted Trader website: Checks Document You can also view the Trusted Trader Code of Practice here: Code of Practice.

Not Just Derbyshire

Although we are a Derbyshire based company we trade throughout Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire Staffordshire and South Yorkshire. We may travel further depending on the nature of the job.

We will go to the end of the earth to ensure our customers are totally satisfied with our service from begging to end.

So please remember the golden rules, waterproofing solutions and paints won't stop the moss re-growing. And companies who charge a few hundred pounds are cheap for a reason. No insurance, no roofing experience and undoubtable it will end up costing you more in the long run.

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