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The Roof Cleaning Process.

The Problem

Mosses, lichens and algae are a major maintenance headache throughout the UK. These external growths dramatically reduce the life expectancy of the roof tiles on which they are growing, giving rise to problems of water penetration!

Not only do these growths damage your tiles, they also cause erosion of the mortar joints on your valleys, ridges and chimneys. Mosses will also grow up under the laps of the tiles and cause capillary attraction of rain water resulting in roof leaks. When the mosses become large they are dislodged by heavy downpours of rain, resulting in the additional maintenance problem of blocked gutters, downpipes and drains. Scraping the moss off your roof is ineffective, as it leaves the roots within the tiles. These roots will re-germinate and grow within a matter of months and you’ll have the same problem again, paying for such roof cleaning services would be false economy.

How We Can Help

Peak Roofclean is the only company who offer an inexpensive way of permanently keeping your roof free of moss, lichens and algae. Not only is it 100% effective but it is also excellent value for money. We also offer a driveway cleaning, re-sanding and sealing service.

Peak Roofclean is a well established Derbyshire based business, providing our top quality roof cleaning and repair service since 2002. Based in Derbyshire, we also serve the surrounding counties and continue to take pride in the quality of our service and the value it offers.

We don’t come down the ladder until we know everything has been completed to an exceptionally high standard.